Dick Winter



What is the Hadley Brand Promise?
Providing ideas and solutions to our customers that meet or exceed their needs.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:
It means when a customer comes to us with a problem or need for a solution, we will present them with multiple options and recommend to them the best solutions to meet their needs at the best possible pricing so that they can be successful.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:
I believe it will help us all to be creative in our responses to the customers. To not just give them what they ask for but go beyond that to find out exactly what their needs are so we can see if there is something else that might work better or perhaps modify something we already have to fit their needs.


My WOW story:
The 650 valve is a great example of how we modified our products to better fit our customers’ needs. One of our customers was looking at their future business and indicated to us that their customers were pressuring them for lower and lower costs. As they were looking at their own product, which included our 600 height control valve, they asked us to see if we could help them, which of course we would. We looked at what we were providing them, what they did to install it and what the installation looked like as whole and went back to the drawing board to see what we could do. In the process of trying to refresh the valve design to make it cheaper to manufacture and give the customer the desired cost savings, we ended up designing a new and improved system that not only helped us to reduce our own manufacturing costs but provided new competitive features that gave the customer additional cost savings in their whole system.  They were very pleased with our work and as a result, we created the 650 valve.