Luann Chiles



What is the Hadley Brand Promise?

Your Vehicle. Your Company. Your Success.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:

It’s like the brand promise says; Your Vehicle. Your Company. Your Success. It’s my job to make sure the company and our customers are successful. Whether it be a problem of their own creation or not, it is our job to get the customer the product as quickly and efficiently as possible. It means to think beyond what the customer is asking so we can provide them with everything they need before they ask for it. And that goes for within the company as well. We try to not only make the customer’s job easier but the job of the person we are passing things onto within the company. We think of the company as a whole and what’s important for the entire company; it makes things better for our customer if we help our colleagues.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:

This new brand promise better articulates and emphasizes to all departments what’s important to our customers and that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. Because I have an extensive customer service background, this is actually something I already do on a day-to-day basis, however I don’t think it is something the rest of the company often understands as they don’t always have direct contact with the customer. While we in customer service have always thought your vehicle, your company, your success is going to be our success, it hasn’t always been easy to get others to understand our needs from that perspective. However, what I see happening with this new brand promise, is that production, engineering and all the areas we rely on to get information for our customers are beginning to better understand this mission. With everyone agreeing on the same goal, we will all be in-sync and able to not only make each others jobs easier, but also be able to better cater to our customers’ success. Even the guy the on docks has called me a few times today in fact because he knew I needed to get something to the customer and he wants to make sure that I can get it to them.


My WOW story:

We have wow stories all the time and I guess the wow’s we see here in customer service are when the customer realizes at the 11th hour that they need something shipped out that day but don’t have time to get a release in for it. Instead of telling them it is impossible, I usually check with production and if luckily they have it,  shipping will scramble and people will work together to get it to the customer. In the case of last week, I needed two pieces out right away for Paccar, who needed something last minute.

While they didn’t have the proper release forms and product requests, I went out on the line anyway, talked to the supervisor and manager out there and decided together that with all the help the customer gives us, two pieces could go out for them at no charge. All we had to do was pick up the pieces from inventory, pop them into a box, clear it with all the necessary channels and get them to UPS to ship it out. Not only did I have multiple people jump to the ready to help me get it to the customer, I even had another colleague grab the box from my office on his way out because I was still finishing up some work at the end of the day. It was a continuous chain effect of people helping people and as a team, we were able to quickly and efficiently satisfy the customer’s needs and at no cost to them. The customer definitely gave it a WOW when they received the parts first thing the next morning.


Daryl Palma