Engineered Solutions

Hadley is fortunate to work in an industry where most of our customers are also innovators in their respective fields, constantly designing and improving the way commercial vehicles are designed, built and operated throughout the world. For over 65-years, Hadley has partnered with OEMs and other innovative companies to help them bring their ideas to life.

With many decades of collective experience in engineering, design and problem-solving for commercial vehicles, our team of Hadley engineers stands ready to help you. Whether it’s electronic height control systems; louder, lighter, stronger horns; mirrors integrated with cameras designed to accentuate your chassis… if you have an important need, we’re eager to explore it with you.

Click to expand the areas below for some real life examples of how we work with customers to develop specialized solutions:

Hadley Turns a Technical Issue into Significant Savings

A major truck OEM came to Hadley with a problem to solve: their air horns (from a competitor) were not producing the loud, robust sound that drivers wanted and expected.

From a site visit, a Hadley engineer noticed that the mounting of the horn was creating sound blockage and recommended a simple move to a different mounting location. Not only did this fix the sound problem, but the OEM was able to eliminate and reduce a large number of brackets, fittings and tubing, and also improve installation (pack) time.

The net result was a savings of $500,000 for this OEM for their fleet—a benefit which was not expected, but surely appreciated!

A classic example of Hadley ingenuity.

Longtime Customer Benefits x 3

A long-time customer of our popular cab valve (600 series) came to Hadley with a challenge.  As a major suspension manufacturer, they were attracted to a competitor’s valve because of a lower price point.   Hadley engineers were up for the challenge:  they embarked upon a new design project that included the use of common parts and current technology, and achieved a significant reduction in the number of components.

The customer was delighted to enjoy a triple benefit: 

  1. the peace of mind that comes from Hadley quality and performance
  2. reduced weight that contributes to better fuel efficiency
  3. a 30% savings off the cost of the prior model

Race to the Finish

A major Transit Authority had an issue: the approved position of their mirrors were causing issues with some of their drivers. They didn’t “like” the position. How does a company like Hadley solve a subjective request with objective results?

Having many years of expertise in the Transit Market, Hadley has been able to cater to “smaller” requests that can affect large fleets of vehicles. The “Hadley Race” is designed so that the mirror can be placed in a number of different degree settings, without having to replace the mirror assembly.

Hadley had boots on the ground quickly to show the Transit Authority the various options—they were very pleased to hear there was a simple solution that could accommodate everyone. They tested a number of buses and found their Driver Sweet Spot. Fleet defect avoided, drivers happy.

Another example of Hadley’s industry knowledge and field expertise providing simple, feasible low cost solutions to subjective requests.