500 Reverse Actuation Valve Kit


Product Specifications

Product name: 500 Reverse Actuation Valve Kit
Part Number: H00500CA
Style: Reverse Actuation
Product Description:

Hadley’s H00500 Series is a universal and versatile Dump and Non Dump valve for Tractor and Trailer applications. The valve is also utilized on a number of Class A RV applications. The valve has the highest flow rate and the best reliability and repeatability in the industry. The Hadley 500 valve is unequivocally the most durable valve in the industry. The valve has been in production for over 15 years and continues to be a best seller for Hadley.
The H00500 Series was designed as a universal replacement valve. Fit most applications and replaces most competitive applications.


  • H00500C valve
  • Three levers
  • Two brackets
  • HPB500D reverse actuation valve