Hadley feels fortunate that our two company locations – Michigan, USA and Moordrecht, Netherlands – are great places to live as well as to work. We make it a priority to lift up our heads from our busy work lives and notice that there are things we can do to improve the quality of living for those around us.

We are successful with our customers because we invest in relationships, take a long view, and do whatever needs to be done to help them achieve success. So it’s not a surprise that we do the same thing in our community. 

Families around Michigan know Hadley for our annual tradition of providing Christmas dinners and gift certificates to help families in need. Delivering joy to these families is one of the most gratifying experiences many of our teammates have ever had. We were humbled to receive recognition from the Town of Grandville as Business of the Year for 2009.

These may seem like little things to some, but they make a big difference in the lives of the people around us.

Hadley principal Jim Humphrey (front row, right) and members of the Hadley team proudly accept our recognition as Business of the Year from the Grandville Chamber of Commerce.
Students in the Grandville Public Schools Transitions program meet Bob Dubsky, President of Hadley (right) and Serge Barlas, COO (left) to learn about our business.
We are a long-time sponsor of Camp Discovery, a program run by the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. We are inspired and motivated by their mission on "empowering people with epilepsy to lead productive lives."
Michigan’s manufacturing sector accounts for over 16% of the total output in the state and employs 12.3% of the workforce. We believe it is important to emphasize the state’s impact on our Nation’s economic growth and support Michigan’s manufacturing base. We’re proud to Manufacture in Michigan.

Hadley Cares About the EnvironmentHadley employees are naturally engaged in sustainable practices, and are the source of some of our best ideas for energy conservation. For example, one of our engineers created a system for directing heat from our plant to provide warmth to our office. Another engineer was developing new Hadley products with sound-deadening material, and developed a plan to build a dedicated room around our air compressors, which reduced noise pollution in our plant and made working conditions more pleasant for everyone.

Our Environmental Policy is to demonstrate stewardship to the community and the world through the following actions:

  • Supporting the efficient use of natural resources
  • Ensuring the safe treatment and disposal of waste
  • Promising accurate and timely communications to employees, suppliers, other interested parties, and government agencies about environmental risks and any crisis situation that occurs associated with these risks
  • Using an outside environmental specialist to ensure compliance with government agencies.
In keeping with our ISO 14001 certification, we have established the following targets for sustainable operations:

  • Measure, monitor, and work to reduce our electrical consumption.
  • Recycle plastic, metals, cardboard, and electronics.
  • Maintain our DNRE status of a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator by continuous eliminating the need for any hazardous waste disposal

Hadley Environmental Policy

We are committed to environmental stewardship on behalf of our company, employees,
customers and community.

Hadley achieves these policies through risk analysis, compliance to regulatory and other applicable requirements, on-time delivery of quality products, and continuous improvement focus on our products and processes.

Landfill Usage and Reduction in the use of Natural Resources

  • Project 1: Alstom Packaging vs Trucking study, Q2 2017
  • Project 2: Change out lighting to LED’s, Q2 2016
  • Project 3: Returnable dunnage for Shuttle products, Q2 2018
  • Project 4: Expand returnable Tote program with suppliers, 2017-18
  • Project 5: Implement paperless purchase requisitions 2019
  • Project 6: Install a trash compactor to save fuel by reducing the number of pick ups 2019
  • Project 7: Implement paperless vacation requests and onboarding 2021.
  • Project 8: Reduce Hadley’s overall footprint in 2022 by reducing overall square footage used by 50%.

Hadley has determined our Significant Environmental Aspects as:

  • Hadley supports the efficient use of natural resources.
  • Hadley will ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Hadley promises accurate and timely communications to employees, customers, suppliers, other interested parties, and government agencies about environmental risks and any crisis that occurs associated with these risks.
  • Hadley will use an outside environmental specialist to ensure compliance with government agencies.

Hadley will annually review and update the EMS Aspects, Objectives and Targets and
communicate them to all employees.

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