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Product FAQs

Q: Which is your loudest horn?

A: The Bully Series of Horns is our loudest at 130db’s (decibels). The Bully Series offers two mounting options:

  • Roof Mount horns – H00910 series
  • Under Hood horns – H00640 series

Q: Which Hadley horn has the deepest pitch?

A: The deepest sounding horn Hadley offers is the 37″ round bell horn (also our quietest horn at 115 db’s). For our loudest horn (at 130 db’s), choose from our Bully Series.

Tip: The pitch and loudness of an air horn varies depending on its length – longer horns have a deeper pitch and are not as loud. See our horns.

Q: The part I am looking for is no longer in your offering, how do I find an acceptable substitute?

A: Contact Hadley Customer service with your existing part number. Call +1 (616) 530-1717 or send us a message. Our team can advise you on which of our current parts will work in lieu of the original.

Q: I’m looking for a specific part, where can I buy it? Can I buy direct from Hadley Products?

A: Hadley offers products for retail purchase through its global distribution network. Click here to find a distributor in your area.

Note: In some instances, our distributors use a part number that is different than the Hadley Part #, be sure to have a description of your part available so they can look it up.

Q: How do I become a distributor for Hadley Products?

A: We’d love to have you join our global distributor network! Read the Distributor Requirements below to learn more.

Customer Service

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Interested in Becoming an Authorized Hadley Distributor?

Distributor Requirements

We’re delighted that you’re interested in becoming a part of Hadley’s Global Distributor Network.

When you join the Hadley Global Distributor Network, we help you save time and money to better serve your customers and build connections to reach your full business potential. Our distributors are a global network of partners – like-minded companies with goals and aspirations similar to our own.

Please review the following. Each item listed is critical to the success of the your company, your customers, and Hadley.

  • Minimum $50,000 annual purchase
  • Cash in Advance (CIA) for first 6-months
  • Initial stocking order of $5,000
  • FCA Hadley shipping terms

If you feel that your qualifications and business goals match our requirements, fill out the Hadley Authorized Reseller Application and mail or fax it it to us at:

4300 36th St. S.E. Suite 100
Kentwood, MI 49512
Email: hadleyinquiry@hadleyadvantage.com
Fax: +1 616.530.3283

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