Dual Round Bell Air Horn Kit

Product name: Dual Round Bell Air Horn Kit
Part Number: H00859
Finish: Chrome
Size: 19″ & 22”
Valve Type: Lanyard

  • Two round bell shape horns
  • Manual lanyard valve
  • Tubing and horn supports

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 19” H00856 horn
  • (1) 22” H00855 horn
  • H00755NS lanyard valve
  • H1311020S tubing
  • Parts bag

Product Description:
The classic Hadley Round Bell is one of the most widely recognized truck air horns in the world. The Hadley Round Bell horn is a classic heavy duty beauty.

As with all Hadley horns, do-it yourself kits are available for Round Bell Horns which include everything needed to mount the system; horns, compressor, hoses, and 7/16″ 24 thread air port fittings with complete installation instructions.
Whether as a single unit or as a set, the Hadley Round Bell horn offers the traditional “Hadley Sound”, a c Save & Exit rystal clear, characteristic note that can be heard for up to a mile.


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