Matt Prangley



What is the Hadley Brand Promise?
To find an innovative cost-effective solution customized to the customer’s needs.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:
For the testing department that means lots of very individual test setups that are very specific for each customer and spec they might want us to look at. Every little inquiry they may have, we are committed to figuring out a way to make sure it is working the way they want it. It means taking the time to brainstorm and come up with the most innovative and robust solution we can to get the job done correctly, quickly and at a low cost while still getting the customer all the data they need.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:
Whereas we have always been, and continue to be, quality driven, this new brand promise is taking our commitment to the next level by focusing more on the customer and the customer experience. As such, I think it will help us be more proactive than reactive on the quality issues. I’ve already seen a lot of solutions proposed in that regard and it’s great to be able to catch the issue before the customer sees it.


My WOW story:
I was working with the marketing team to put together an internal tech demo for the engineering department. As I have a background in video creation and graphics, I saw there was real potential to expand on the video to create something for customers and potential customers as well. Leveraging my experience and expertise, I was able to work with them to create a 8 minute long video that not only included the original tech demonstration they were hoping to capture, but additional other demonstrations on how Hadley products directly benefit the drivers who work for our customers. Rather than a standard PowerPoint presentation, our sales team can now show an encapsulated video to customers which creates a professional, interactive, informative and unique experience that is specific to Hadley. Not only did I do this project for the company at no cost even though it was out of the scope of my job, but it was a pleasure to help the company create something that in the long run, will help them be more successful.



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